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Education and Training

Masters in Breast Oncoplasty

This suite of two courses offers the highest levels (possibly internationally) of educational and skills, consisting of a full Master degree in Breast Oncoplasty with a 2-year Package of practical skills workshops.


The Masters in Breast Oncoplasty is the only course in Asia that offers training in the niche field of Breast Oncoplasty. Based on the award-winning 'Masters' in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Package' conceived by the surgeons at University of East Anglia,UK (UEA), the 'Masters in Breast Oncoplasty' is designed to provide cutting-edge skill to Asian surgeons. While the Package for Asia will be convened by International School of Oncoplastic Surgery based in Pune, India, the Masters in Breast Oncoplasty degree will be directly awarded to the applicants by the UEA.



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