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Research Training Program for Clinicians and Residents

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Research for Clinicians Course by CTCR

The Centre for Translational Cancer Research (CTCR) is delighted to bring to you one of its kind program for clinicians who want to include research in their career trajectory.

This, Research Training Program for Clinicians and Residents ( RT-PCR ) initiative is designed with the thought that successful translational research depends on addressing pertinent clinical questions with apropos scientific inquiry. There is a wide gap in LMICs between clinicians and researchers unlike in the western world where there are dedicated MD/Ph.D programs for the development of Physician Scientists.

This program is highly recommended for all budding clinicians, surgeons and residents. The 1st module though is open to all and will span over 12 weeks. The prgram started on 5th Jan 2023 but its still not late to register. All the previous lectures are available online via the course google classroom, you can access the lectures once you register.

Next section on Immunology starts 23rd Feb 2023, it will introduce basic concepts of immune system and go into molecular understanding of how immunotherapies work, what are the current trends. 

Please find detailed information in the attached flyer about the concept of the program and the about the CMBOC module along with the information about the next section.

Section -III Immunology

12-week Course (virtual)

5th Jan 2023,
previous lectures are available online via google classroom.


23th March 2023

Join for upcoming lectures on Immunology , Cell Biology Genetics, Data Handling and Techniques.


Alternate Thursdays


7 PM – 8:30 PM (IST)


Via the google classroom